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3 Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

There are only a few things in life that have a profound effect on the way that we socialize, work, live and mobile phones are one of them. Nowadays you can pretty much do anything from emails, texts, GPS navigation and take pictures all from the comfort of the little “brick” you call your mobile phone. But just like technologies are constantly changing, then so are the marketing technique and methods. In 2015 mobile traffic exceeded the traffic of desktop users for the first time which created a whole new concept for people in the marketing industry. This opened up a whole new field of ideas to try and increase exposure, revenue and brand recognition through the little “brick”.    So here are four of the top marketing techniques being used in 2016..

  1. Video Ads

A survey by Trusted Media Brands has shown that mobile phone video ads increase brand awareness and helped companies with lead generation by nearly 80%. You would have noticed numerous autoplay videos populating your facebook page recently and the response to these videos has been overwhelming. Facebook have claimed that over 80% of impressions in the audience network are from these videos. Facebook have made it possible for businesses everywhere to bring the mobile video experience directly to their apps. Leaving businesses looking to promote on social media with a positive response so ensure that you are one of those marketers, create mobile video ads that your visitors simply can’t ignore.

  1. Text Messaging

When you’re marketing on mobile, using text messages to your advantage is a no-brainer. Unlike email and social media notifications, it is hard to ignore a text message over the phone. In fact, texts have a high open and read rate of 90% of people opening and reading within the first three minutes. So it is no surprise that over 80% of business owners are now using text messages for business purposes such as updates, promotions and latest features. A text-to-join-campaign is a simple strategy that you can use to get potential customers to opt-in to a subscriber list and then segment those customers to promote specific offers.

  1.  Snapchat

Snapchat is very different to other social media platforms, in the sense that your post disappears in a matter of seconds. However the platform provides your user with marketing material and stories in real time and for some reason people love it. Customers want a engaging marketing structure and not just a bunch of static ads showing up on their news feeds. With the help of Snapchat, you can promote your brand and products. Snapchat stories help you take your visitors on a ride along with you, they live everything with you and so become one with your brand. Big names like Victoria Secret are using this type of marketing and it is working very well for them. Remember less is more with snapchat and keep your stories on point.

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