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What is SEO? SEO tutorial for beginners 2017

What is SEO? SEO tutorial for beginners 2017   So before we start anything let’s just get this straight! SEO applies to every single business that has some form of online presence, whether that is a single page website with contact details on or a complex online retailer selling thousands of products. Now that we [...]

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Seo Tips 2017 Updated

Seo Tips 2017 So you’re starting your new business venture or you are already an existing business looking to take advantage of the twenty first century by getting your newly built website on every search engine going? The thought of hundreds or thousands of people going through the site every month just fuels the passion [...]

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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

The importance of designing and creating websites using a mobile-first approach has been brought forward with Google announcing they are going to change their index to be mobile-first which will help in increasing your mobile conversion rate as 50.3% of e-commerce website traffic now comes through a mobile device. Put simply, this means that the [...]

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5 key factors to business branding

Looking beyond just high quality and memorable logo, well thought out branding can increase the value of a company; It can provide its employees with a clear direction and motivation and makes retaining customers that much easier. But what is branding? A simple answer is: Everything!! Branding is the customer’s perception of your company’s services, [...]

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Google Algorithm Updates 2016

By now we all know that Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithm to keep every web domain owner on their feet and fighting for that all important Google ranking. Google does this because there are millions of people constantly looking to find easy “cheats” for their website or the vast amounts of websites [...]

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Starting a business

Starting a company is never easy but can sometimes be the best thing you ever did. So spending countless hours researching and speaking to lawyers, accountants and other entrepreneurs is a must when trying to figure out the next step. To save yourself countless hours and headaches, here are 5 things to think about before [...]

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Why Rebrand?

Rebranding is never easy for any company regardless of size or industry. It is a big move and determines the identity of your business, however it is essential and almost every big tech company has gone through rebranding. Just to name a few, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft. Let's take a look at Instagram's story [...]

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Top 5 tips for Startup business marketing.

Targeting a market and attracting customers is possibly the hardest challenge for a new start up business, especially if you do not have a marketing background or have never done any marketing yourself. Marketing may seem complex but by actually using some common sense, you can achieve a lot with very little. Know your business [...]

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Pokemon Go – Helping small businesses?

There is no denying that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! Following the smash hit success of its launch in the states in which it has grown faster than the leading app Tinder. It was then released in the UK and Europe on Thursday 14th July on Google play and Apple Store. The [...]

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