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Big problems for small businesses

One of the first things you are encourage to do when you first start your new business venture is to get your new website up and running to make your customers aware of your new and amazing product/service?! Unfortunately for most start up businesses websites, their websites are not fit for purpose. Imagine you were going to go surfing, you know where the sea is (marketplace), you have a rough idea of how to surf (service)  and you have a board (tools) but what board do you actually need? Do you want a longboard, a minimal or a shortboard? Without the right tools you can not deliver the right service whether you have the marketplace or not! There are hundreds of web developers out there ready to create a website for your new business only to charge you a small fortune and inevitably leave you with low quality, non functional website that generates minimal if not no business for your company. So when you do decide to take the plunge and invest on your new online money making platform here are a few things to think about! Design is just a small part of getting your website up and running because of course it is important your site reflects your company image but what’s the point if no one knows your site is even there? A Lot of companies now offer SEO alongside your new website build, which if done correctly can be extremely beneficial to your company and helping you promote your shiny new site! The problem however is a lot of companies offer these service without actually understanding how SEO works properly themselves. We run SEO reports on all of our small business clients and 90% fail our check. SEO should not be an after thought given to your business one you have your site up and running, infact it should start the minute you start designing your website because your business will most likely not succeed without this in place no matter how good your product/service. Our advice to all start up businesses that approach us to develop a website for their new venture is that, your website is just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes a successful business and making sure you use every tool available to you is key to developing a overall business platform to trade with customers. In summary: understand how your tools work because you can’t build a house without a hammer!

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