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Branding & Graphic Design in Worcester

If it is a simple logo or a full company branding package, we want to understand what your business core values and vision are. DragoMedia offers an in depth and well thought out branding strategy and guidelines, as It’s important to create an identity true to the business vision and the marketplace it operates in. Understanding this allows us to position the brand at the core of what you do, where the business is going and create a unique branding strategy that will deliver the right results at the right time benefiting your business. One of the cornerstones to a company’s success is brand recognition, as we all know it’s important that you stand out from your competition in a competitive market so we take everything we do seriously starting with logo designs. A logo needs to be readable, memorable and versatile which gives a business that instantly recognizable calling card by translating a simple image into a thousand words and displays a true representation of the business. Our packages can start from anything as basic as a logo design to a full in depth tailored branding guidelines package which give you the opportunity to establish your company’s brand and identity through a number of methods. If you are already an established brand, struggling to connect with customers or a new business looking to create a relationship with a marketplace then we can work closely with you, your staff and products to ensure that you seen, heard and loved by new and existing customers. We do this by “being” the customer, understanding the decision process, the challenges, what we would look for and why we would your brand be our first choice?

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Graphic design
  • Product and packaging design
  • Branding content and identity
  • Re-branding