Can’t find your website? Does it have right SEO in place?

So you’re starting your new business venture or you are already an existing business looking to take advantage of the twenty first century by getting your newly built website on every search engine going? The thought of hundreds or thousands of people going through the site every month just fuels the passion for success? You have the right products/services, now all you need to do is show everyone. However two to three months down the line, reality kicks in! You have had a handful of people come through the site of which none have converted queries, sales or any interest. At Dragomedia we meet this type of client on a daily basis; they have invested thousands of pounds on a new website and marketing material only to later discover that the website has minimal SEO practice applied to it making your website absolutely useless as far as digital marketing is concerned. Unfortunately this is happening across the world and in turn gives creative agency such as ourselves a bad name.  So if you are a new or existing business wondering why you have no website traffic or looking to invest money and time into your new website here are a few things to think about.

1. Does the web designer/ developer or agency have any SEO experience?

As I mentioned earlier there are thousands of sites being built every day without any SEO principles applied to the site which most of the time is not because they want to save themselves time on the build but simply because they have no idea what they are doing in regards to SEO. A lot of people that have a basic understanding of SEO and how it works assume that whoever is building their site will surely know how to apply the correct Meta tags, keywords etc.… but very often this is not the case and should be something discussed during the build briefing.

2. SEO is loooooooong term.

Applying the correct SEO practice to your business is very much a long-term plan and you should be under no illusion that this is a quick fix. In order for your business to do well, the same principals apply to 99% of them and that is more generated traffic through the site generally equates to more revenue based on the fact that you have a constant conversion rate. The conversion rate will tell you a lot about your product/service and the UX (user experience) of the website. Conversion rate can also be a good indicator of what type of traffic you are pulling through the site! If it is someone online looking to buy a bicycle but you are selling garden furniture then I would suggest your marketing strategy is slightly off and you need to address things like relevant backlinks and invest in keyword research. Fortunately there are thousands of ways to help your website rise to the top, the unfortunate fact is that this will take time and money however if you are serious about your business and want to give it every chance of succeeding then at the very least the most basic SEO principals must be put in place.  So when your next in your website build brief and question the web developer/ designer about SEO, if he has a confused look on his face or suggest that you don’t need it then I would suggest you don’t need their services either and look for  a more credible agency. For any questions or comments go to

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