//Five key points for small business branding

Five key points for small business branding

Branding can sometimes be the most important feature of a business so as a small business it’s even more essential that you establish brand identity at an early stage to give you a platform on which you can develop and be identified in a competitive market. Branding is a great way in which you can create a connection with potential customers by creating a brand recognition based on the values of the business and building a long term relationship with customers in order to grow your business and retain customer trade. Here we have looked into ten simple tips when thinking about branding and how it should be applied to your business.

  1. Define your brand

What makes you different? Looking at your business and where it sits in the market is crucial to creating brand recognition. You need to identify what your services are and how they differ from others competitors? If they don’t then what are the added benefits of using your service. You need to understand what makes you unique as a company and use that as a USP.

  1.  Building a brand, is like building a person

We all have individual characteristics that make up our beliefs, values and purpose and the same should apply to every business. What makes your business unique is the core values it’s based on. Customers with the same core values will naturally be drawn to the business. What does the business believe in, what is the direction it’s taking? Customers want to identify themselves with your business so get them involved in the ride.

  1. Long term relationships last

Stay true to your values and you will never disappoint customer expectations! Making promises and not delivering is one sure way to lose a customer so staying true to your branding is essential. Staying consistent when dealing with customers is a must. Set the tone for a long lasting relationship.

  1. Never cheat on your branding

You have put the hours in creating a branding guideline and begin to implement it across your business however two months down the line you want to put out some marketing material and it would be really great if could use a few different colours and change the approach. Can you do it? Of course you, can but just remember that every time you do this you dilute your branding by introducing a new brand image to your customer.

  1. Re – branding? Think about it.

There’s nothing wrong with rebranding. however your approach is key.  Bear in mind any changes you make to your established brand reduces the connection you’ve built with your customers.  Therefore, it’s important to only make changes when the benefits truly outweigh the risks of losing business. If you do decide to make an alteration, you need to clearly educate your followers on the changes you’re making. While branding is certainly a marketing discipline in its own right.

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