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Google Algorithm Updates 2016

By now we all know that Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithm to keep every web domain owner on their feet and fighting for that all important Google ranking. Google does this because there are millions of people constantly looking to find easy “cheats” for their website or the vast amounts of websites that become abandoned shells for numerous reasons and occupy quality rankings.   There has been strong evidence that there has been a fairly important algorithm update as of June 2016 which has been quality related. These changes can be made without any announcement by Google and is thought to be Panda or quality related. Whatever the case is, the updates appear to be targeting websites with quality issues. These issues include things such as poor content quality, too much advertising, user experience issues and instead have rewarded websites who have worked hard to clean up on their quality.   As a result of the updates, here are a few suggestions why your website may be dropping in rankings.

Smothered content below sponsored posts: A website that contains a number of thumbnails to a range of sponsored content at the top of articles and blogs is now getting hammered in the search results.

Too many ads and not enough content: A website that is three quarters ads and one quarter content will now see a significant drop in search results.

Ropey content: Websites which focus on Q&A ended up dropping dramatically in search results because they contain lots of pages with thin or completely irrelevant content.

Generic content: Generic content has also seen a dramatic drop. Due to the high volume of generic content and rewrites of information that can be found in numerous places on the web. Usually this type of content contains ads too.

Indexing issues: Many sites have seen a drop or big fluctuations in results due to Google not being able to crawl the content of the site. This happened on robots.txt file sites.

These are just a couple of issues that have been picked up since the changes to Google algorithm in June. ln order to keep your site highly ranked in a competitive market you need to constantly monitoring and scanning the web for any news of updates via blogs, news or forums.


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