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Marketing & Consultancy

Marketing is a massive key factor to any businesses success or failure and without the right application, your business will never reach its full potential and growth. Our marketing programs are designed around supporting the customer in realizing and achieving their business plan goals and delivering high quality marketing content. We use a number of marketing platforms to reach potential customers with the right materials and a well thought out specific marketing campaign. So if it’s a single image designed to promote a service/product or a complex campaign solely focused on generating ROI or raising awareness, we want to maximize every customer’s full business potential. We don’t want you to blend in amongst the rest of the crowds of businesses that dominate the marketplace but rather stick out and grab your customer’s attention for the right reasons because if the customer does not see you, they will never know you are there. We have worked very closely with numerous startups and small to medium sized businesses to raise awareness, create visibility and generate revenue through the range of marketing services we offer. DragoMedia uses the latest and greatest techniques in a constantly changing marketplace through a variety of services including social media, PPC (pay per click advertising, local search engine optimization, local and national press releases. We take the time to understand your USP’s (unique selling points) because it’s crucial that we can highlight what makes your business different from your competition and push that message across to your customers.  Alongside our eye catching marketing material, we also provide SEO friendly quality content for websites, blogs,  and videos to help you engage and connect with your customers by provide your them with interesting and helpful content. Have any questions? give us a call.

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