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Pokemon Go – Helping small businesses?

There is no denying that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! Following the smash hit success of its launch in the states in which it has grown faster than the leading app Tinder. It was then released in the UK and Europe on Thursday 14th July on Google play and Apple Store. The free to play app has been downloaded millions of times and is a GPS location based game based on the pokemon tv series. The main aim of the game is to capture, battle and train these virtual Pokemon across the world in various locations and spots. Since its launch in the US there has been millions of downloads which shares mixed reviews about the possible effects it may cause, some saying that the app can improve mental and physical wellbeing by getting people out and about, while others have noted that it has caused public problem, accidents and even reports of crimes following its release just a couple of weeks ago.

So how are small businesses making money?

Pokemon Go has also now been described as “Pokeconomy” as businesses are deliberately tapping into the Pokemon resources that are currently available to them. It is reported that already a number of businesses are generating money of the back of Pokemons release and are constantly looking for way to generate more through promotions, events and freebies. For a few select businesses who have been lucky enough to be selected by the developers as a “Pokestop” and have Pokemon at their location, or the business have purchased “lure modules” which can be found in the store of the app. Businesses are purchasing these “lure modules” and releasing them in their stores, reportedly attracting hundreds of additional customers. All businesses can purchase the “lure modules” and become a Pokemon Go stop which is very simple and easy to do and is said to have helped hundred of businesses already, regardless to the marketplace. For instance, if you owned a pub or restaurant then you could go to the app and purchase a “lure module” and set up a choice of Pokemon to be lurking around your business or just outside the premises. Setting this up inline with promotions such as happy hour or 2 for 1 deals could benefit your business by luring new trade into your business.

So how do “lure modules”work?

For bricks and mortar businesses, especially small independent businesses, the app is a great way to promote and advertise your business locally. One lure module costs 100 Pokecoins and a pack of eight costs 680 Pokecoins. Pokecoins can be bought with normal money and currently start from 79 pence up to £79.99.

So what are you waiting for?

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