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SEO or Search engine optimisation can be a tricky business understanding but it is a lot more simple than you think. In a nutshell it is the name given to the activity which attempts to improve your search engine rankings which is a crucial key and major cornerstone to a successful business. When google displays search results, it positions your pages based on what it considers relevant and authoritative. The number of links and the quality of the links determines the sites authority. So simply the more links to your pages combined with relevant and credible content the better!   When you have good content placed on your site it encourages other people to link to those pages and this shows google that your content is credible and interesting. Once google decides that your site is considered authoritative, it places you in its rankings so the more google sees your site as being authoritative it then moves you up the pages until you reach the top position on page 1. So what makes a page credible in googles eyes? Writing interesting content that people find useful is key to increasing your google ranking as more people share your content via blogs, social media etc.. google will move you further and further up the rankings. So follow three simple steps…

  1. Write meaningful and credible content that people find interesting and make sure that you use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product/service.
  2. Create links to your content and make it easy to share.
  3. Stay on top of it! The more the merrier.

Summary SEO is a key component to a successful business plan and combined with a good website and the right product/service you are on for a winner. If you are looking to grow your business by increasing traffic through your site and becoming a competitor in your chosen marketplace then you should seriously consider contacting a decent creative agency and opting for their services.

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