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Top 5 tips for Startup business marketing.

Targeting a market and attracting customers is possibly the hardest challenge for a new start up business, especially if you do not have a marketing background or have never done any marketing yourself. Marketing may seem complex but by actually using some common sense, you can achieve a lot with very little.

  1. Know your business

Really taking the time to understand what makes your product or service so special compared to anything like it in the market is crucial. Understanding your USP (unique selling points) will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Clarify your mission and state your values for a steady position in the marketplace.

  1.   Know your customer

So who is buying in the market looking for your product or service? Have a clear understanding of who you are selling to and who is looking.Even though your product or service could target a large range of customers, pick a specific segment of the marketplace and start marketing. Once you have a target market in place, you will find it  a lot easier on deciding how you will reach your potential customers and what channels to focus on!

  1. Set your budget

Create a marketing plan and allocate a fixed budget which will help you keep a grip on the ever increasing costs. Its very easy to overspend when marketing so by having a budget and sticking to it, will help you focus on what marketing activities are essential. Beaware of marketing scams with fraudsters systematically targeting new businesses for a quick buck. If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t commit to anything over the phone and always do your research before committing to anything.

  1.        People trust people

Referrals and word of mouth are a great way to help generate new business and gain new customers. Think about who could help endorse your business by asking for testimonials, referrals and recommendations. This usually won’t cost a thing and is a great tool for a start up.

  1.           Where are you?

A website is a must for all new startup business and can be very inexpensive and simple. Using a company like DragoMedia who specialize in start up business packages is an cheaper option to creating a quality website that’s functional for the customer. Using a start up business agency is essential to gaining a firm position on google search because otherwise your customers don’t know you exist. These companies can also provided eye catching marketing material for your target market at a reasonable price too.

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