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Vlogging – Good for business?

How to start your own video blog guide?

So what is vlogging? Its simple a video blog, which like any other form of blogging can massively help benefit your business. These video blog’s can either be hosted via free services such as YouTube and Vimeo, or simply hosted on your website by yourself. Just like a blog they are visible to the public who can rate and comment on your video just like a text blog. So what are the advantages of video blogging then?

  1. Exposure

With more and more blogs being made everyday, the standard blogger is turning to vlogging as a preferred method of doing product reviews, sharing information etc. Research has shown people are far more likely to watch a video on social media instead of reading a long winded text blog.

  1. Go Viral

Year on year we see thousands of video’s go viral causing the internet to go into meltdown, however very few text based blogs have the same effect and go viral. This suggests the previous point that you are far more likely to get exposure from a video blog as opposed to a text blog. Many companies are now turning to having a video channel hosting their videos with the hope that in return it will generate more traffic through their website.

  1. Good for tutorials

Video blogs are best for tutorial blogs. Tutorial blogs have always traditionally been very heavy in text and can be a lot to swallow when trying to digest some of the information, hence why a lot of people have turn to video tutorials. Research has shown that 83% of viewers find a video blog a lot more engaging than your traditional text blog.

  1. Why not make some money

Companies are always looking for a media platform to paste one of their promotional banners or marketing videos on, so by having a good online presence could help you generate some revenue. You can simply apply for Youtube partnership program and monetize all your video content using Adsense.  Summary People generally respond to audio and visual stimuli of video a lot better than a general text blogs and it’s widely agreed that video blogs can be an excellent marketing tool in creating general brand or business awareness. To really measure the impact an activity such a vlogging has, there needs to be clear objectives and an effective marketing strategy in place before realizing any benefits at all.

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