Why Rebrand?

Rebranding is never easy for any company regardless of size or industry. It is a big move and determines the identity of your business, however it is essential and almost every big tech company has gone through rebranding. Just to name a few, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft. Let’s take a look at Instagram’s story though. People still prefer the old logo even though the new logo is more consistent across various platforms. The key to the new design is that it is now colour independent, it can be used anywhere from black and white Retina 4K displays without having to worry about colour clashing. The new logo is not just simpler but was specifically designed that way so it was easy to remember and targets the younger generations. The old Instagram logo looked more like an app icon which was no good for a company with the scale of Instagram. Instagram needed a logo that would be remembered for generations and luckily due to the apps popularity the old logo did really well. But because they kept it for so long, people got used to it and so inevitable when it was changed people did not like it. In hindsight instagram should have rebranded a long time ago and because of this mistake people prefer the old logo. So why did they rebrand if everyone was happy? Rebranding is an extensive step for any company and it can make or break a company. One of the reasons for the redesign is that at any one point they will have reached a stage where they would have to rebrand or they would be left behind in an ever changing world where staying ahead of your competition is essential. It is important that companies identify branding trends and make the necessary changes at the right times. So at the moment flat designs is doing its rounds, hence why many companies have switched to a flatter version of their logo or created a new flat one. A few companies to look at for this is Mastercard, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Logitech and more. This just points out the fact that change is necessary to survive in a changing world. A refreshing new look installs confidence and interest in potential customers and creates an element of trust. All aspects determine the reliability factor of a brand. Considering psychology, people will trust a brand more when they know that the company is forward thinking.

Summary Rebranding is an essential step these days. If you choose to ignore it, you will inevitable fail in a competitive marketplace.  It is important that you stand out and identify your company by using correct branding techniques for a strong digital presence. Although re-branding is essential, often it is fragile and needs a lot of consideration and thought, as it can make or break companies. This is a reason why many companies like DragoMedia have been so successful in delivering a profitable rebranding campaign. 

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