Work with us

DragoMedia’s recommendation scheme is plain and simple. It gives you the opportunity to create extra revenue by simply recommending us to anyone who may use our services. As part of the recommendation scheme we will provide you with a document outlining a range of our services that help benefit a variety of personal and commercial businesses. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to make 10% on all fees charged via the recommendation scheme.

Step 1.

Simply register to the recommendation scheme by filling in the online registration form. Once you have done that you will receive a referral pack via email, which contains an outline of our services and how we can help benefit business growth.

Step 2.

Make a recommendation! Simply fill in the online recommendation form on our website with the referral’s details and we will get in touch with them. We will let you know once we have contacted the client.

Step 3.

We will have a consultation period with the customer to discuss what services DragoMedia might provide for the customer. Once the details are agreed, a proposal indicating a time scale, scope and pricing in the form of a contract will be sent to the customer.

Step 4.  

Once the contract is agreed and work commences you will receive a confirmation email of the recommendation fee being 10% of the total costs (exc VAT) indicated in the customer’s proposal.

Eg. Customer total amount payable: £1750.00 (exc VAT)

             Referral fee @10% : £175.00

Step 5.

On completion of the contracted work you will be contacted by DragoMedia and will receive the funds directly into your bank account within 7 working days.

Please note: We reserve the right to remove access to the referral program or the refuse of a referral fee if we suspect that referrals were not of a genuine nature. There may only be one referee per agreed contract and the referral scheme only applies to a business on the first signed contract. Any contract following the referral with that particular company will not fall under the referral scheme.